Bespoke workplace wellbeing sessions

I will provide a tailored package to suit your workplace’s needs.


I can offer lessons via online modules or in person followed up by support either online or in person or a combination of both.

Get in touch to discuss your package.

What I offer:

  • online ‘learn to crochet’ modules


  • lunchtime support sessions


  • post-work support sessions


  • team away day or offsite activities


  • corporate wellness programme

Benefits for you team:

  • boost confidence learning a new skill


  • build relationships with a common interest


  • encourage creativity


  • shift focus after a busy day


  • practise a mindful activity

Martha Kilner

Crochet teacher

With 20 years experience as a teacher, excellent communication skills and ability to work patiently with groups of people.


I’m based in London and offer online and in-person crochet courses and support sessions.

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