Question for you:

What if you could find a way to switch off from work, and learn how to crochet beautiful things in just 6 weeks?

Let me rephrase that...

What if, in just 6 weeks, you could crochet whatever you want?


Have the skills and confidence which would allow you to read a pattern, crochet neatly and make the handmade treasures you never thought you could?


Meaning that you never have to get lost down a rabbit hole of confusing YouTube snippets, buy a newborn gift again (you’ll make it!), or wonder if you’re ‘crafty’ enough to learn a mindful skill?


If you want to learn how to crochet, and you are determined to practise,



Keep reading...

Here's the problem:

You know that in order to join the crochet community and find a quick and reliable method into a state of mindfulness, you need clear and concise guidance that will give you clarity, motivation and support.

armchair with pink yarn for knitting

But you’re afraid that…



  • You’re not crafty enough



  • You don’t have enough time



  • Knitting didn’t work out for you



  • Online learning isn’t for you



  • It is only for old people



  • You’re cack-handed



You know you have to do something because...

  • You’re stressed and you can’t switch off 


  • You’re bored of wasting time on Netflix


  • Mindless scrolling on Facebook and Instagram is draining you


  • You feel like you haven’t learned a new skill in yonks


  • You feel stagnated 


  • You always say yes to helping others


  • You want to do something for YOU for a change

You've already tried...

  • Knitting but got nowhere


  • Browsed YouTube but got overwhelmed


  • Signed up to a crochet taster session but it didn’t have enough detail


  • Bought a crochet kit but got confused just unravelling the yarn


  • Ploughed through a crochet book but the images weren’t enough


  • Tried a kit aimed at kids and still found it too confusing


…having the confidence and skills to tackle any crochet pattern without the difficulty and confusion of learning by yourself?

Now take a moment to imagine yourself...

  • having a quick and easy way to switch off from the stresses of the world


  • making beautiful gifts for you, your friends and family or even to sell


  • feeling pride when you create a lovingly handmade item


  • confidently reading a pattern


  • sharing your new skill with someone else


  • having a time filler for boring commutes or long car journeys


  • having proof that that you CAN learn new skills at any age

It is possible...

Here's what my previous students have to say about learning to crochet with me...

Here's how it all breaks down:

My carefully planned and filmed crochet course packed full with videos, downloadable patterns, advice and guidance so that you can learn to crochet in just 6 weeks. All fully supported by me during our weekly support sessions and access to my private Facebook Group – Crafty Kilner Graduates, created exclusively for my crochet students.

Beginner essentials:


Types of hook and yarn


The best way to hold the hook and yarn


Ways to make a slip knot




Chain, double, treble, half treble and slip stitch


Working in rows and working in the round


Understanding turning chains


Beyond basics:


Changing colours


Posture for crochet


Weave in ends


Magic ring versus chain ring


Overcoming issues:


Losing/gaining stitches


Joining a new ball of yarn


Loose/tight stitches


Frogging your work


Reading patterns:


Make a mobile phone case


Granny squares and joining them


Making blankets, including stripes


Amigurumi (stuffed toys)

When you enrol today you'll get:

Immediate access to the Hook Me Up course including, 

  • 1 year access to all course content
  • Online recorded crochet training videos and content delivered in 6 modules, one per week
  • Downloadable PDF patterns to accompany the videos
  • 6 x weekly group live Zoom support sessions with me
  • BONUS: Access to my exclusive Crafty Kilner Graduates Facebook Group 

Ready to sign up?

Hook Me Up

Carefully crafted online modules to take you step-by-step through all you need to know to learn to crochet, read patterns, start making beautiful crochet items and find a new way to be mindful.
£ 197
  • 1 year access to online recorded crochet training videos and content delivered in 6 modules, one per week (value £1050)
  • 6 x weekly group live Zoom support sessions with me (value £360)
  • Exclusive access to my private Crafty Kilner Graduates Facebook Group (priceless!)
  • TOTAL VALUE - £1410

Did someone say 'bonus'?


Join today and you’ll get . . .

. . . In addition to everything inside of Hook Me Up I’m also going to throw in a bonus to give you a kickstart to your crochet journey.


Unlimited 1:1 email support from me for EIGHT weeks to make sure you can reach out whenever you need to, call it… 


Martha messaging!

(Value  £500)

Meet your teacher

Hey there! I’m Martha Kilner, 


The creator behind the Hook Me Up and founder Crafty Kilner


I am a primary school teacher – coming up to 20 years now – and mum to three littles ones.


I learned to crochet when I was on maternity leave with my second child. I was used to being busy as a primary school teacher and even though having my babies was amazing, I didn’t really feel like I was doing anything for ME. 


I decided I wanted to use my maternity leave to learn something new. I wasn’t sure what – a language, watercolour painting, an instrument, knitting…


I decided upon crochet. I wasted hours googling and researching what different terms meant, what was DK and chunky? What hook did I need? Which yarn was best for a blanket? How much would I need? Eventually I learned.

Learning to crochet led me on an exciting journey to start my own business, Crafty Kilner, and selling the many things I was making and teaching crochet from my home in north east London.


During the various lockdowns due to the Coronavirus pandemic school teachers around the world moved their teaching online.  It was then I realised that people CAN learn online and the idea to share my crochet teaching ONLINE was born meaning I can help people around the world.


As a busy full time teacher and mum I know how hard it can be to do things for ourselves.  Online modules are the perfect way to fit into your life, whatever stage you are at.


I don’t want people who are keen to learn to crochet to struggle. I want to accelerate them through the process so they can get to the point of knowing all they need to know to make beautiful things but also to quickly reach the mindful calm that crochet can bring by removing the hurdles.

Any last questions before you join...

I’m left handed can I still learn?

Absolutely – Learning to crochet feels awkward for everybody at first. I have taught left-handed students who manage perfectly well holding their hook in their right hand but all of my videos come in a left-handed version too if holding the hook in your left hand feels better.

Is there a lot of kit to buy?

No – all you need is a hook and yarn. I give full details in my course but for the first few weeks you only need a 6mm hook and 2-4 balls of chunky yarn (depending on how many colours you want for your granny squares). As you progress you will start building your collection of hooks and yarn but this doesn’t need to be expensive.

I did a taster session at a craft fair and I was hopeless!

The beauty of the modules is that you can play, pause and practise. Also, you have a weekly session with me on Zoom to coach you through any difficulties you might have.