Online Crochet Lessons have launched!

I thought it would be too hard to learn to crochet but the lessons took me through step by step and I could ask Martha anything I needed to know.
Crafty Kilner student
I take my crochet everywhere with me now, I can pop it out on the tube, while watching Netflix and I have made some beautiful blankets for my friends' babies.
Crafty Kilner student

Carefully crafted crochet course.

Martha Kilner is a teacher with 20 years experience. Her online crochet lessons with online support sessions will take you through all you need to know to create beautiful items.


Workplace wellbeing crochet lessons coming soon…

Add a bit of mindfulness to you workplace wellbeing and networking events.


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You will gain all of the skills to crochet whatever you like. How to make a treasured gift for a friend, adorn your own house, make items for yourself…